Accident Reconstruction

Accident Reconstruction in Rochester

Accident reconstruction is a critical service in Rochester because it helps establish the chronological order of events leading up to, during, and after an accident. This includes understanding the actions of all involved parties and vehicles. Traffic camera footage provides a visual record of the accident and greatly accelerates the reconstruction effort whiling yielding more accurate results.

  • Data Accuracy and Objectivity: Traffic camera footage in Rochester is reliable and objective. It helps take the guesswork out of accident reconstruction by allowing professionals to analyze and interpret events found in the footage.
  • Sequence of Events: Traffic camera video in Rochester helps establish a clear sequence of events leading up to the accident, aiding accident reconstruction specialists in their work.
  • Speed and Impact Analysis: Traffic camera footage in Rochester can be used to determine vehicle speeds and the impact forces involved, contributing to a more detailed and accurate reconstruction.
  • Witness Corroboration: Traffic camera video in Rochester can serve as an independent source of information, corroborating or challenging eyewitness accounts and contributing to a more comprehensive reconstruction.
  • Visibility Conditions: Traffic camera footage in Rochester can help account for visibility conditions at the time of the accident, including factors like weather, lighting, and obstructions.

We built Traffic Cam Archive to capture, catalog, and archive high-quality traffic camera footage in Rochester because we know by incorporating our service into a specialist's toolkit, the reconstruction process can be expedited, accuracy improved, and clients provided with a more comprehensive understanding of their accidents.